Thursday, July 22, 2010

You're Not Helping

In case you are not familiar with Alan Dershowitz, he is the "legal genius" that helped free O.J. back in the middle-ages (which is the modern term for the mid-nineties).  A few months ago Al (as I call him), in response to some Catholic dude's crazy rant about how "the jewish media" is to blame all the priest child rape hubub, took on the Catholic Church for being anti-semitic.  

Though making this point is as redundant as calling Henry Ford "anti-Chevy," sometimes it is useful to restate the obvious.  

I only wish that Al had thought back to his first year in law school and adopted the unclean hands doctrine to his public discourse - which basically says don't talk shit if you're covered in shit.  Why, you ask, am I comparing Al to a steaming pile of shit? 

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