Thursday, July 22, 2010

A question for the Oklahoma City readership

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Can you recommend a store that stocks some PRO-secular socialist siding, windows, and roofing? That's more what I'm in the market for these days.


Beyond the Pale said...

You know, secular socialists are like termites, and if you don't have the right siding, they will come right into your house! In 1932 FDR won every county in this state, and that's because we lacked the right siding. Then FDR's big government went and got all up in our business by "helping" our state from "starving." Jesus hates that kind of thing!

Beyond the Pale said...

I have figured out how to create an alias, so you cakamasauruses will have no idea which of your Oklahoman readers this is. Also, I have used Terrell's siding to block the radio waves you are using to get inside my brain.