Thursday, July 15, 2010

Front page news and important scientific discoveries.

In my office, one is expected to be well-informed and to participate in intelligent conversation based on the big news stories of the day. You bet we are all well-versed in the latest on the Polish presidency and the kidnapping of Iranian scientists and the like. This article, which appeared smack in the middle of the front page of the New York Times website this morning (Paris time) was today's main topic of conversation, and I found I was able to add some pertinent insight into the subject thanks to this BBC article. Thank goodness it's so easy to turn to major news sources for quick access to important world news.

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Porchnik said...

Kam I anxiously await your on-the-ground reporting on the "French ladies are pretty" controversy. I think you can be the Matt Hastings here and break this story wide open! I don't trust the 'MSM' on a vital question like this.
p.s. um, bring me some fancy skin cream that will make me look (and dress) French?