Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"They Should Never Have Given Those [People] Money"

Apparently, "Afghanistan is sitting on mineral resources worth $1 trillion," which is the equivalent of Saudi Arabia's oil wealth.  
At first blush this seems like potentially great news.  Maybe an influx of money could spur development and stability in Afghanistan.  
Then again, look what all that oil money has bought: persecution of gays and women, breastmilk fatwa's,  9/11, and let us not forget the plethora of silly buildings.  
Hey, here's an idea.  Lets not interfere in the middle-east.  After all, we don't have many cultural ties or much historical understanding of the region.  We might end up being seen as greedy imperialists or, even worse, as invading crusaders.  Best leave this one alone.

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