Friday, January 01, 2010

Volleyball? Really?

So they blew up the Buddhas of Bayman because they were "against Islam" (which is surprising because the statues were built in 507 and 554 A.D. and Muhammad wasn't born until 570 A.D., but I guess it's useless to point out that the Taliban are stupid).

Then they blew up the world trade center and the pentagon because these were symbols of western economic and military imperialism (or some such).

Now they are blowing up volleyball games.

This is getting silly.  Volleyball never opposed Islam.  And I doubt volleyball represents western imperialism to any but the most die-hard Buzkashi supporters.  I'm starting to think these Al Qaeda types are just dicks who will use any old excuse to blow shit up.  How do you fight a war on dickery?

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