Monday, December 28, 2009

Retarded Terrorists Beware

The TSA is all up in your ass (or at least they should be). Unfortunately, the response to the underpants bomber seems to have been totally useless at best and brain-explodingly annoying at worst.  Here are a few of the new rules that the geniuses at the TSA have come up with:

If people actually didn't get up from their seats, captain pants on fire probably would have actually exploded his bomb instead of backdrafting his johnson.

Also, isn't bringing a bomb on a plane already against the rules? So why make up more rules when we know rules only affect people who don't want to break them (i.e. non-terrorists).  This "public school" approach to anti-terrorism, will probably end up working as well as our public schools.


    Anonymous said...

    No reason to bring special needs people into the story with your ignorant retarded terrorist comment.

    Cack Van Dyke said...

    your comment is offensive to ignorant people.