Thursday, November 15, 2007

Like Flies To Shit

This entire article is worth reading, but below is a quote that tells you what kind of guy Charles Taylor is:

His commanders would force boys to kill their parents or other family members, breaking the ultimate taboo, then ply them with methamphetamines, marijuana and other drugs to keep their killing instincts keen. Often their pay came in the form of a license to rape and plunder.
Yet even as he undermined traditional respect for elders, he subtly substituted himself in those elders' place, simultaneously enthralling and enslaving a generation of young boys who slaughtered on his behalf.
This explains his supporters' chilling election campaign cry in 1997: "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, I'll vote for him."

Ditto this article, which is even better:

Children, some as young as eight, were forced to batter their parents to death, then eat their brains before being sent to the front or used as sex slaves. Anything to terrorise the civilian population.
Women's vaginas were sewn up with fishing lines, villagers' mouths clamped shut with padlocks. Drug-crazed soldiers would rip open pregnant women's stomachs after taking bets on the sex of the foetus, then parade the little heads on pikes. At least one man was skinned alive before his flesh was picked off and eaten. Thousands of young girls and women were repeatedly raped, thousands more people burned alive in their thatched-roofed homes. Between 50,000 and 200,000 were killed and more than a third of Sierra Leone's 6m people forced to flee.

More telling and frankly more damning, though, is this one.

Thus, I guess we can safely assume, Al Qaeda is for Giuliani.

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