Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doomie, you schmuck're supposed to vote for competence -- not comedy (* I know you helped put this man in office)

Dem. Rep. Ackerman tells al-Qaeda how to get US out of Iraq

Meanwhile, "mohammad24" is obviously not amused----> It is painfully clear to me that I am not funny nor do I find funny enough news to put on cackamasaurus. Shoot me now. O yea -- and Keith Urban the redneck singer wanna-be LOST extra is suing Keith Urban, a painter from NJ, over the confusion of Suing Keith demands the courts steal from its rightful owner and give it to the shithead millionaire no-shave tan-bed disaster face FOR LIFE....How do you keep a domain for life? What a fuckwit. Personally I don't find anything confusing about that website or its art

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